Welcome to AKS University

AKS University, is primed to fulfill its mission of developing & arming human resources with modern applied knowledge & competencies, harnessing knowledge for addressing multifarious local, regional & national challenges including creating skilled manpower to support the leapfrogging economic growth of India, enhancing engineering competitiveness through technology-development & technology-induction, enhancing agricultural productivity through Bio-technology & other innovations, environmental conservation through innovative technology & approaches. AKS University considers the paradigm of Think Global & Act Local as a key enabler in furtherance of its mission, vision and objectives, and towards this end, AKS is keenly exploring linkages with selected national & global Universities and Institutions of repute so as to maximize knowledge-exchange, joint research, faculty & student exchange, twinning programs, sharing best practices in higher education space; and thereby emerge as a globally-relevant institution in this interconnected world of today & future..


The University is dedicated to perform in a unique manner to achieve academic excellence in a creative way by using innovative ideas to produce perfect human resources and to act as center for 'Amicable Knowledge Solution'.To be a Global Centre of Learning to promote Professional Excellence and Innovation . To provide professional expertise in the field of Safety, Health & Environment, Pollution Control, , Chemical Accidents, and all such issues beneficial to all stake holders including the Factories, Mines, Administration, and similar other organizations

The Challenges

The industrial sector in India ,in particular has grown many fold since independence. It has now a very large population base engaged in industrial activity covering large, medium and small scale registered factories and mines. Madhya Pradesh has also number of under ground and open cast mines covering coal, lime stone, dolomite, bauxite, chromite etc. In addition a number of new projects, Cement plants and power plants have come. The economic reforms initiated by the Government have added new dimensions to industrial growth. Most of these industries are hazardous in nature. They are likely to create conditions towards environment degradation, generate pollution if not controlled right at source and damage health of employees and the surrounding habitat.

Validity of Certificate

The certificate in original issued to successful candidates after passing the required theory and lab examination as per gazette notification. As per the Notification issued by the Chief Inspector of Mines & Director General of Mimes Safety (DGMS), Government of India, published in Gazette of India dated 4th August,2021 and subsequent Circular issued vide DGMS(Tech)(OH) Circular No.01 of 2021 Dhanbad dated 06.08.2021 the following competency certificates can be issued to the trainees after duly conducting an oral and practical examination on completion of the syllabus.

Voucher First-aid Certificate after completion of 10 days session of lecture & practical training and passing in oral & practical examination , which shall be valid for 5 years.
Persons holding valid Voucher Certificate for consecutive three years, shall be eligible for Medallion First-aid Certificate after completion of 10 days session of lecture & practical training and passing in oral & practical examination. Medallion certificate shall be valid for life long.